Morning People and Productivity: 6 Reasons They Outperform

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“Getting up early and going to bed early will make you healthy, wealthy, and wise.”- Benjamin Franklin.

Awaking to the sound of birds chippering and the smell of fresh air will brighten your mood and turn on your happiness. Further, early risers have plenty of time to complete work, spend time with friends, and maintain health, making them productive. 

According to a recent study, those who got up at 4 a.m. had high productivity levels 71 percent of the time.

The data shows that early people are highly productive. However, what makes them effective? Want to know that? 

One is that morning people are likelier to stick to their routines and not waste time procrastinating. Another is that morning people have fresher minds and can take on new tasks more efficiently. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that morning people are more effective.

To know why morning people are productive in detail, including who are morning larks, read the article till the end.

Who are morning larks/ early birds?

The people who get up from their cozy beds with the morning sun and do their daily routine are morning larks.  Further, in the morning, larks can wake up with the sun’s rising, but in the dawn, they become tired as the sun sets.

Morning types typically go to bed by 10 pm (or earlier). In contrast, it is when night owls reach their top level of productivity.

They usually hit their peak productivity in the early hours of the day. However, it slowly fets declined in the afternoon.

The sleep cycle is based on the 24-hour inner clock that regulates our sleep and waking cycles, called the circadian rhythms. Traditionally, morningness has been used to describe this chronotype. A person’s energy level determines which group they belong to, either a night owl or a morning lark.

Why are morning people more productive? ( Morning Person Productivity)

There is also a saying that early birds are “healthy, wealthy, and wise,” and night owls are unproductive and unhealthy. However, it is a matter of opinion, but many people believe that morning people are more successful because they can better focus and get things done in the morning hours. 

Further, morning people tend to be more adaptable and energized during the 9-to-5 workday. Let’s find out the benefit of getting up morning and how it affects productivity.

  • Better mental health

Research finds that vitamin D acts as a mood booster. Morning people get enough exposure to natural light, which has vitamin D. So, larks are happier and less likely to suffer from anxiety compared to evening types

Further, they get enough time to plan their daily activities and move ahead. And when you are mentally fit and fine, your energy levels get high. As a result, you can focus on the task and increase productivity. 

  • Physically Active

Having plenty of time, early birds often take up hobbies that require them to move more. Be it getting a workout, sports, meditation, or taking long walks before 7 AM. 

When we physically get active, our brains get a break time which helps to release stress and improve focus. 

Doing all these activities before going to work will help you to boost up your day ahead. In contrast, night owls do their job as late as possible. 

And when we have high personal satisfaction, we can engage and take on big challenges. All of the benefits together help people to increase productivity. In contrast, evening types didn’t get enough time to engage in outdoor activities. 

  • Eat healthier 

Do you ever get a fast and unhealthy snack to hold you over while rushing out the door? Getting up earlier can prevent this. 

Even early birds can eat junk food. However, they don’t eat heavy foods at night because they want proper sleep. And if their stomach is busy digesting food, it is not possible. Further, they wake up early and have enough time to cook food independently. 

You wake up with a fresh outlook when you get good sleep. And having fresh vibes in the morning enables you to focus on your work better.

  • Easy time management

Besides 24-hour open stores, everything gets closed at night time. While during the daytime, all the stores, clinics, and gyms are available. So, morning people tend to manage their schedule easily. 

Since most stores, clinics, gyms, and other businesses are open during the daytime, larks can get whatever they want and efficiently manage their schedules. They will also achieve greater career success as they follow a 9-to-5 schedule.

Additionally, their productivity depends on their ability to cooperate with others and how quickly they respond to feedback. A job that is done before sunset makes setting work, home, and time boundaries easier.

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  • Less prone to a bad habit

Morning larks get in bed earlier, so their bad habits are less likely to influence them than night owls. Bad habits such as drinking, betraying, or smoking can negatively affect health. 

Developing such habits can lead to addiction, which makes it impossible for a person to focus on other things. So, an addiction to smoking or drinking can ruin a person’s life.

Due to their less proneness to bad habits, morning larks can focus on things and enjoy their life.

  • Procrastinate Less

Keeping the things to do in the “last hour” of the deadline will definitely create issues. But morning larks have enough time to write their goals and plan their day. Additionally, planning the day ahead keeps you away from unrealistic plans. So, there is less chance of procrastinating your work.

Further, in the morning, you have fewer distractions, high motivation, and a clear mind. As a result, they are more proactive and persistent.

Morning people also tend to be more organized and have a better morning routine, which can help them be more productive.

Downsides of being a morning lark

Research-backed benefits aside, there is not everything to smile about for morning larks. Like everything in the world, getting up early morning also has upsides and downsides.  

Some of the consequences that came with this lifestyle are given below.

  • Socialization is difficult 

If you don’t like late-night talk and parties, being an early person goes well with social needs. However, if you are keen on social gatherings, you being an early person, must sleep early. As a result, you can’t attend that event.  No matter what you’re hoping to do, your bed might call and ruin your plans.

  • An alarm clock’s hypocrisy

In all the articles you read, you’ll not find many conventional downsides to getting up early. Nevertheless, alarm clock hypocrisy can be viewed as a downside since it shows you are forcing yourself to get up.

If you get up by a wake-up call, how are you supposed to regulate your body’s sleep-wake cycle? What if you are forcing your body to an early schedule? 

So, it’s better to go to bed when you feel tired and wake up when you get enough rest. Turn off your alarm and do this for some time. You know the hour you usually wake up.

Productive tips for early birds

Morning larks need to follow their routine to stay productive in their daytime. The following are some ways to prepare you for your day.

  • Start your day in a way that fits YOU.

Every early bird doesn’t share the same interests. Some early birds like to rise and shine at 7 a.m. while others want to wake up at 5 a.m.

Different people have different personalities. So, everyone’s day-to-day routine will be unique and different. 

Someone likes to go to the gym, meditate, listen to morning TV programs, go for a walk, or walk with their pet. So, don’t copy others. Find your real happiness and start your day.

  • Leave a desk clean for your morning self.

While leaving work to go home, you must clean your work desk for your future self. Maybe you won’t find it necessary, but imagine arriving at the office in the morning to see a messy desk. It would ruin your morning, wouldn’t it? So, leaving your desk clean before you leave the office is better. A clean desk will encourage you to make a fresh start.

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  • Put an urgent task on a post-it.

An early bird who wants to become productive but struggles to “jump start” in the morning can make their post-it note. They can manage their to-do list, including detailed information about their first-morning routine.

Make it short and straightforward in a bullet list. It will make you feel overwhelmed when you solve those tasks in the early morning.

It is easier to manage the morning when you have one to-do list that says “reply to XY email” or “check feedback.”

  • Use Employee Monitoring Application

Whether you are an on-site or remote worker, using an employee monitoring application helps you become productive. 

The employee monitoring app will track your device, allowing you to see what you were doing and how much time you spent completing one task. Further, if you are spending time on useless things, it will help you to find that too. And next time, avoid doing useless things and focus on your main work.

  • Take care of your diet.

Your circadian rhythm may drop your energy level in the afternoon. So, you must have the food for launches that won’t be as filling.  Avoid junk foods and heavy, hearty food. It can cause you to fall asleep more as blood rushes from your brain to your stomach to digest it, which declines your productivity rate.

But sometimes, the launch can be unmanageable (if you are on a business trip); you can then schedule easier work for the afternoon.

Also, limit your intake of processed sugar. Although it gives you an energy boost, the inevitable sugar crash will exhaust you.

  • Prepare your sleep environment.

Waking up early morning requires plenty of sleep, which is necessary for an early riser. Therefore, you must sleep peacefully and rest properly. Prepare your sleep environment by making the room as dark as possible and turning off cell phone notifications.

  • Avoid Multitasking

Often, people misunderstand multitasking as a positive skill that allows them to do several things at once. However, it is a problem for morning people. Going to work, opening the computer, bombarded with hundreds of emails, and the mobile phone beep notifications of texts, like comments on the post. It all leads you to multitask.

Multitasking leads to the diversion of attention and focus. That’s why even the simplest tasks become harder and take longer.

Avoid multitasking and focus on a single thing at a time. It will help morning type to increase their productivity level.

Can a night owl become an early bird?

Even night owls have realized that it is easier to adjust their sleeping schedule and become early risers rather than resist it. So to address their issues, we will discuss what you can focus on to become morning types.

  • Keep a sleep schedule.

It might be challenging to wake up early in the morning, but you can use an alarm clock for a few days. Follow a regular sleeping schedule by getting out of bed and going to bed at the same time every day.

However, don’t go harsh on yourself. Set a sleeping schedule depending on your body. Gradually adopt the change. Getting enough sleep is necessary. Wake up 20 minutes earlier than you did last week; give it a week to adjust. Further, set the alarm 20-25 minutes sooner than last time. 

  • Limit LED light exposure at night

Research shows that LED screen interferes with sleep patterns, and the digital environment makes it impossible to sleep early. 

LED lights, blue screen monitors, and smartphones in a house at 11 p.m. confuse your body, thinking it’s daytime.

That’s why limit all unnecessary lights, including screen time after 8 P.M.  

  • Do more physical activity

When our body gets tired, we tend to take a nap early. So, do physical exercise and meditation to keep you focused in the daytime.

Additionally, you can hike, play sports, spend time with family and friends, walk around, and do whatever you like.

Note:  Genetics determine whether you’re an owl or a lark. Therefore, although it is good to be an early riser, it may prove challenging for some people because they need to change their internal clock by force.

Further, when you adapt your sleep schedule, it takes a lot of patience and time. Make sure your priorities are in check first. 

You shouldn’t lose hope or consider yourself lazy if you can’t entirely make a change. Even the most minor changes can improve your quality of life significantly.

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It’s no secret that morning people are more productive than night types. So if you want to be more effective, try getting up a little earlier and see how it goes. Mornings can be an amazing time for getting things done.

Further, starting the day early morning is one of the secrets to success. So, next time when your alarm is on, smash the snooze button and get out of bed. Be a morning person and wake up earlier, happier, and more productive.