13 Creative Office Decor Ideas to Maximize Your Productivity

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Humans can easily feel distracted or unfocused when working. Thankfully, a well-designed and dedicated workspace helps you block out distractions and focus on your work.

We can be distracted by the wrong space, but the right workspace can encourage us, stir our senses, and help us stay focused and efficient. Thoughtful design and creative office decor can significantly improve your mood.

You can mix professionalism with your personal preferences to create environments that inspire you to focus rather than be distracted.

The way a workplace looks and feels can motivate employees and enhance their moods. It is because a well-decorated office is much more than just pleasing. 

Workspace is the most valuable asset for productivity. Indeed, it has been said that a well-designed workplace can boost your productivity by about 20%. 

You spend most of your time working in your workspace, so why not make it into a comfortably cozy environment that you’ll be happy to be in?

Check these 13 Creative Office Decor Ideas, implement them where you can, and maximize your productivity.

A small adjustment can have a big impact, so make your workspace beautiful, happier, healthier, functional, and more productive. 

Creative Office Decor Ideas 


Lighting is one of the most important aspects that play a major role in staying focused and motivated.

You have to optimize your lighting to boost your energy and reduce eye strain when reading in low light. 

Bad lighting can make you feel tired, drained, and sleepy. It can cause eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue. Maximize natural light in the room by opening the windows and doors.

However, if you can’t control your natural light, use bright white and natural light bulbs. It can significantly have a dramatic impact on your daily energy reserves. 

Light up your office with lamps to feel relaxed and comfortable. When it’s cloudy or dark days, use lamps in different areas.

2. Decorate with Plants and Flowers

Creative Office Decor Ideas- Plants and Flower

Live plants and flowers in your office make you happier, more productive, and less stressed. Plants increase productive thinking and always bring a smile to everyone’s face.

You can bring a natural feel to a workspace by adding plants and flowers. You can use potted plants and flowers to naturally separate spaces and improve the office’s air quality. 

Add a small plant to each team member’s desk. Adding plants to an indoor space gives it a feeling of natural coziness and can also help to purify the air. It also gives the office a cohesive look. 

You must be sure that these plants receive proper sunlight and water daily. If your office doesn’t get much natural sunlight, get a plant that doesn’t need much natural light to survive.

Here are a few plants you can use in your office: succulent, Ficus Benjamina, Peace Lily, Dracaena, Aglaonema, cactus, Sansevieria, bamboo, Devil’s Ivy, etc.

Flowers also look stunning in office settings. They improve the atmosphere’s feel and fragrance and give natural beauty.

To keep the environment fresh, get several vases and flowers like lilies, daisies, roses, orchids, and scatter them in the office.

3. Inspiring Room Color

All of the colors in our environment impact our moods and productivity. It’s not a good idea to randomly pick your walls’ colors. Choosing the right colors for your office can increase productivity.

Use blue as the primary color in the workspace because it is the most productive and intellectual color. It represents efficiency, trust, logic, and communication. You can add a bit of orange color so that you introduce a bit of emotion into your workspace. 

Yellow is also a better color. As a result, it boosts your spirit and ego and makes you more creative, confident, and positive.

Blue colors stimulate the brain, yellow inspires creativity, and green promotes relaxation, calming, and reassuring. This will differ from person to person. That’s why identify colors you find personally engaging and use them whenever possible.

4. Inspiring Quotes and Messages

When you feel uninspired and dull, it’s difficult to perform your best work.

You can add some frames with beautiful and inspiring quotes and messages and put them on the desk or hang them on the wall. Inspiration quotes seriously can make an impact on your daily production.

If you feel like giving up or having a bad day, it will motivate you and keep you going. 

5. Room Scents

Like the color of the workspace, the room’s smell can significantly affect our mindset, mood, and productivity. 

A workplace has so many aspects that can produce odors. It is inconvenient and also can be harmful to one’s health. Therefore, it is important to have pleasant scents in your office environment. 

You can use Peppermint to energize, refresh, and lift your mood and citrusy scents to de-stress and uplift.

Generally speaking, scented candles are too dangerous for offices, but you can use essential oil diffusers as they provide the same effect and are ultra-safe.

You can also use the following scents in your office to stay focused:

  • Cinnamon – Improves focus
  • Lavender – It’s a great stress reliever
  • Pine – Increases alertness
  • Citrus– Lifts your spirits and wakes you up

6. Organize Your Desk

 Creative Office Decor Ideas - Organize your desk

It is important to be organized if you want to be productive at work. Having a desk full of stuff can make you feel anxious and decrease your productivity. 

It can even prevent you from completing your task, so be careful about what you keep on your desk. It isn’t going to be fun to work at your desk if you have papers and other stuff everywhere on the desk.

Organize your workspace in a way that inspires you to start the work. Make space for digital storage devices and the working essentials like pens, notepads, printing paper, or important files.

7. Funky and Comfortable Furniture

Office furniture is one of the main components of a workspace. A workspace is incomplete without furniture. It is used every day, so it must be reliable. Furniture should also be unique and not boring.

In the market, you can find many stylish and comfortable pieces of furniture for your office. Today, you can get a variety of chairs, tables, couches, and desks. You can easily choose from such a large selection.

Sitting for a long time is bad for the body and even worse if we’re in an uncomfortable chair, so invest in an adjustable chair that encourages good posture. 

8. Make Space for Meals

Lunchtime is one of the best parts of the workday that tends to be everybody’s favorite. So make space in your workplace for all employees to sit back and enjoy lunch together. 

It makes you feel more relaxed after a break and encourages interesting conversation and innovative project ideas when coworkers get together.

9. Put Mirrors Up

Mirrors in an office workspace can completely transform the appearance of your office. Your office will look more professional with a mirror. In addition, they can make your workspace look more spacious and more open and inviting.

The best and bonus point of having a mirror is you no longer need to go to the restroom every time you want to double-check your look before a presentation.

10. Display Your Company’s Mission Statement

 Creative Office Decor Ideas- Company's Mission Statement

Make a large picture of your company’s mission statement and display it in a common area of the workplace. Everybody can see the company’s mission statement displayed every time they walk. 

It is the best way to highlight your company’s values and a wonderful reminder to carry them out.

11. Photos Of Loved Ones

Having photographs of your loved ones on hand is an excellent way to offer yourself a little reminder of your personal life outside of work. Choose some of your fondest memories with them and put them on your desk.

12. Use Dividers Instead of Walls

An open office space looks bigger and more professional. If you want to create an open space working environment, you can substitute walls with dividers. 

Dividers can create private space, enhance collaboration, increase aesthetics, and add flexibility. 

13. Wellness Room

Workplace stress is a major issue in today’s business environment. It hurts employees’ health and reduces productivity. To address this issue, construct a wellness area in the workplace.

A wellness room is where employees can relax in a zen-like environment. A zen sand garden, corporate massage therapy, and acupressure mats are available in this room. This area will be a fantastic addition to your decor and the wellness of your employees.


The first thing anyone notices while entering the premises is the office decor. So, make the office beautiful, happier, productive, and functional. 

I hope you liked the office mentioned above decor ideas for decorating your office. With any of these office decor ideas, you’ll have a great head start in this aspect. 

Let us know which office decor ideas you like and how you like to decorate your workplace to maximize productivity in the comment section below!