What To Do When Your Boss Hates You (Signs, Examples & How To Deal)

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The possibility exists that you might feel that your boss hates you at some point during your employment. No one wants to be the employee their boss hates the most.

No matter how hard you try, sometimes it happens regardless of your best efforts, whether it’s due to your personality, your position, or anything else.

In the survey, 80% of employees say recognition from their boss motivates them to work harder. However, things can get tough when your boss doesn’t like you. 

Statistics show that 29% of employees don’t feel motivated because they haven’t received recognition for their achievements.

 15 Signs Your Boss Hates You

There are a few signs that your boss may hate you. They are discussed below:

Openly Criticise You

If your boss criticizes you, it is often because they do not possess the same skills or capabilities that you do. 

It’s possible that your boss will feel humiliated when they realize that you are more intelligent, adorable, and harder working than they are, and it may make them uncomfortable. 

If your boss treats you this way, it may signify that they strongly hate you.

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Boss Ignores You

You are delivering a presentation or discussing some exciting concepts in a conference room or weekly meetings. But, your boss chooses to ignore you and proceed without providing any feedback. 

When you share some of your ideas with your boss, they ignore you, but when other employees at your office share the same concept, the boss praises them. 

You can feel unappreciated by your boss. There is also the possibility that your boss will hate you if you experience this.

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Never Gives Feedbacks

When you are performing well in the office and giving your best at work, your boss does not appreciate you and gives you no feedback. It seems worse to get no feedback from your boss. They want you to feel nervous and depressed about your stability.

If everyone in the office is getting feedback, but you aren’t getting feedback, it’s because the boss hates you. 

Takes All Credits

When you come up with a good idea and concept and discuss it with the boss, he will grab all of the credit for it at the end of the project when it is time to execute those ideas and share them with the other employees.

This can be a sign that your boss hates you. This can be extremely frustrating and can make it difficult to feel motivated to work. You can talk to your coworkers or the boss directly and figure out the issue.

Boss Doesn’t Invite You to Important Meetings

Your boss suddenly stops inviting you to important meetings and discussions on important projects. You’re always the last to know about changes or brand-new initiatives, then it’s likely that your boss does not appreciate your opinion.

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Boss Micromanaging You

If your boss is always hanging over your shoulder and giving you instructions, it indicates that they don’t trust you to get the work completed.

It seems your boss doesn’t trust you to handle even the simplest tasks yourself. A lack of trust might make performing your best at office work challenging.

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Boss Makes Fun of You

Your boss dislikes you if they always comment insultingly or joke about you behind your back at work. They can use their power and position to make other employees against you and get them to make fun of you. 

If your boss consistently makes your life more complex, it may be time to begin searching for a new job.

Increase Your Workload 

If your boss increases your workload while the workload of your coworkers remains the same, this may hint that your boss intends to get rid of you. 

They give you more work to do in the hopes that you will become exhausted, leave the job, and look for a job somewhere. 

Boss Doesn’t Give You Any Responsibilities

If your boss never gives you any responsibilities, it’s a sign that they don’t trust you or think you aren’t capable of doing anything important. They might never assign you important tasks or give you fewer responsibilities than your colleagues.

It means the boss hates you and wants to get rid of you, or maybe they want you to leave the job. It’s not a good sign. During this time, you can discuss your career goals with your boss and how you can provide more value to the company. 

This will make your manager feel confident that you can handle any responsibilities.

Boss Shouts at You 

Commonly, bosses lose their temper from time to time because they have lots of responsibilities and stress at the office. But if your boss shouts at you and becomes mad at you for the smallest mistakes at work regularly, it can signify that he is a bad boss and hates you. 

Employees regularly betrayed by their boss are likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. If the boss frequently shouts at you for no reason, then it’s important to talk to the boss directly and address the issue.

Gives You a Task That No one else wants to do

They may want to watch you struggle while performing such tasks and may even want to push you to the breaking point in order to get you to quit and resign.

Boss Avoids In-person Conversation

Boss always seems busy or in a rush when you try to talk to them. If you notice that your boss never speaks to you in person and only communicates with you via email or text, this can be another sign that they hate you and don’t want to see you in person. 

If they only communicate with you via email or text, this might signify that they hate you. If you notice such behaviour, it’s best to try to talk to a manager and fix the problem.

Finds Fault in Whatever  Work You Do

As an employee, you always focus on quality work, try to give your best, and impress your senior or boss. But no matter how excellent your job is and how much you put effort into it your boss is never pleased with your performance. 

If your boss always finds small faults in your work, it may be a sign that he dislikes you.

Body Language and Eye Contact

Are you wondering why your boss always seems to be looking at you with a disapproving expression? It could be because they hate you.

A person’s body language can convey much more than what they say. A study published in the Harvard Business Review found that the boss who avoids eye contact with you and your colleagues and has tense body language is likelier to dislike you.

Often, bosses are not fond of their employees if angry, hardly make eye contact, and stand away from them. Boss tries to avoid eye contact and start their conversation by looking at the computer screen or phone if they hate or dislike you.

Not Giving Promotions

In any company, if your performance is great and you are progressing daily, you will likely get promotions from your Boss. You’re doing the job for a long time and performing well. 

But if you witness how much you put effort into and perform better, you never get the promotions you deserve. The Boss constantly puts you down or ignores your accomplishments; this can indicate that your Boss hates you.  

How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Boss?

The relationship between employee and boss should be good for the company’s growth and success. But sometimes the boss may feel hatred towards you.   

If you feel like your boss hates you, it can be a difficult and stressful situation to deal with. 

But here are some points you can improve your relationship with your boss.

Access The Situation

Firstly you need to assess the situation of why your boss hates you. You can deal in a better way when you know what the reason behind hating you is.

Is it because of your performance? Your personality? Your appearance? Have you said anything wrong about them? 

These questions are not complete but will help you figure out the situation. Understanding the situation will also help you to improve your relationship with a boss who hates you.

Talk to Your Boss Personally

If you have tried to analyse the situation and you are still unsure of why your boss hates you, it may be helpful for you to talk to your boss about it. 

You should make an effort to have a private conversation with your boss regarding what happened and try to improve your relationship with your boss.

You need to be honest and respectful to your boss. If they are good bosses, they will be open to hearing your concern and working on improving things.

Try to see things from the boss’s perspective

You should also consider your boss’s perspective. This can help you to improve your relationship with your boss, and it will help you to respond to the situation in a more productive way.

Bosses have various responsibilities and goals at the company. They might want to extend their business, grow their team or meet specific targets. 

Understanding the boss’s responsibilities, values, and goals will help you understand why they might behave the way they are. 

Communicate Effectively

Communication is the best way to keep a good relationship. You need to take time to learn about your boss and understand their motivations. 

It will help if you keep open communication with your boss, asking for feedback or career advice. There should always be open communication between both sides, no matter how busy they are.

You should be clear and straightforward when speaking to them and ensure they understand. Listen to your boss carefully and pay attention to what they are trying to say, listen to their feedback carefully, and understand their point of view. 

Communicating effectively with your boss will make working with them easier and improve your relationships.

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Be Positive Toward Work

One possible option for you is to focus your attention on the positive aspects of your work. You must have a positive attitude to improve your relationship with your supervisor. 

If you wish to convey the impression that you are engaged in your job, show that you care by being enthusiastic and keeping a positive attitude.

It will assist in boosting your self-confidence and can lead to improved performance. Keep a positive attitude, even if your boss is having a terrible day; this will make them value you even more.

Show Learning Interest

You must be ready to enhance your abilities and skills and be open to feedback. It would be helpful if you spent some time getting to know your boss better and finding what makes them happy. You can read the boss’s favorite business-related, marketing or industry news topics. 

Doing this can show that you are in the same things that they are interested in. You can also share your learning interest with the boss so that they can feel you are ready to take on new responsibilities and you are enthusiastic about growing within the company. 

Maintain Confidentiality

Bosses place a high priority on employees who can handle sensitive and private information with delicacy and confidentiality. 

At the start of the job, you may be asked to sign non-disclosure contracts, in which you promise to keep the secret information of a business to yourself and not disclose it to anybody else.

So you must be loyal to your boss and never break their trust.

Ask for feedback

You can ask for feedback about the project you are currently doing. This shows how much you are interested in that project.

It can also show that you are not only doing the job but also highly invested in the project, which helps the company’s success. 

When you receive feedback, listen carefully. Feedback can be positive and negative as well. 

So, instead of reacting to negative feedback, you can focus on improving the mistakes in the future. 

It displays that you are serious about your job and helps to improve the relationship between employee and boss.

Be Loyal and Treat Your Boss With Respect

Being loyal to your boss and maintaining respect towards them is important. Loyalty and respect are the two most important thighs you can show your boss. 

Being loyal shows that you are committed to the company and the boss. It can be done by meeting deadlines, working extra hours when needed, etc. 

Respect is about treating your boss as a valuable company member and showing them the same courtesy and respect you offer to others. 

Showing respect to the boss means listening to their ideas, valuing their opinion, and not interrupting them during communication. You should not talk behind their back. 

If you can show your boss that you are loyal and respectful helps improve your relationship with them.

Complete Tasks Before Deadlines

If your boss hates you, one of the best ways to improve your relationship with him is to complete the assignment early or even ahead of the deadline. This will show your boss that you can keep commitments and meet deadlines. 

If you are always delayed with your assignment, it reflects that you are not performing well, making it more challenging to create a strong relationship with your boss. 

For this, you need self-management skills that can help you manage your daily and professional life.


It takes time and works to develop a positive connection with your boss, but the result is well worth it. It’s necessary to figure out the situation if you find yourself in a situation where your boss hates you.

This article has included a list of ways to determine whether or not your boss hates you. Are there some things you do that bring out your boss’s hatred for you? If that’s the case, you should work on fixing those issues.

The above suggestions can help you build a better relationship with your boss.

If you find that performing these things does not improve your relationship with your boss, it may be time to look for a new job or pursue a different career path. 

Nobody deserves to be placed in a position where they believe their boss hates them, and no one deserves to feel that way.