15 Productive Things To Do During Pomodoro Breaks

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The Pomodoro technique allows you to work for short intervals of time, alternating with short breaks.

During Pomodoro breaks, you might be thinking of productive things to do. Working intensely, along with short and longer breaks, is a proven way to maximize your productivity.

It is often difficult for us to stay productive and motivated when we have a lot of tasks to accomplish—as per Forbes’ latest research, taking more breaks can help you achieve more. 

You might be wondering one question in your mind: what are Productive Things To Do During Pomodoro Breaks? For a deeper understanding, read this blog until the end.

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What is the Pomodoro Technique?

Francesco Cirillo introduced the Pomodoro time management technique in the late 1980s. 

You can use the Pomodoro technique to organize your work schedule to avoid burnout and meet deadlines. This technique involves working in a 25-minute interval with 5-minute breaks to ensure maximum focus.

How Does the Pomodoro Technique Work?

This is how the Pomodoro technique works:

  1. Before starting, choose the most important task. 
  2. Set a timer on for 25 minutes. 
  3. Keep working until the timer goes off. Take notes when you are distracted and revisit them later. 
  4. The Pomodoro is over when the timer rings. Take a five-minute break before starting another Pomodoro.
  5. Take a long break of 20-30 minutes after completing four Pomodoro.
  6. Repeat this cycle until your workday is over.

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15 Productive Activities You Can Do During Pomodoro Breaks

When they start using the Pomodoro Method, the first question is, “What do you do during the five-minute break?”

During your Pomodoro breaks, we have compiled productive activities to make it easier for you to feel less hectic from your work schedule and reduce work burnout.

Shorts Pomodoro Breaks

Following are 5 minutes shorts break.

1. Stretch your Body

We tend to sit in the same position for long periods, which can cause serious back discomfort. Continually working in the same position might harm your physical and mental health. 

So Pomodoro’s break ideas must include some exercise like stretching the body. Stretching the body is a great way to release some energy into oneself. 

2. Start 4-7-8 Breathing Exercises

A 4-7-8 breathing is a relaxing exercise that involves inhaling for four seconds, retaining air for 7 seconds, and releasing air for 8 seconds. Practising this breathing pattern during the workday can help reduce anxiety and stress. 

With the frequent use of 4-7-8 breathing exercises, the ability to manage stress may become more effective. It is possible to increase your productivity at work by applying this breathing technique during Pomodoro short breaks.

3. Take a Quick Snack or Drink

Taking a quick snack or drink during work breaks allows your mind to rest and recharge to apply yourself again. Quick snacks help your employee to control hunger, supply fuel, and boost nutrition. 

A quick snack or drink boosts mood and lowers emotional distress, anxiety, and energy for work. 

4. Meditate to Calm your Mind 

Excessive workload may cause anxiety and stress, reducing the ability to focus and perform tasks efficiently. Anxiety and stress not only affect your work performance but also affects your health. 

To maintain a peaceful mind and the ability to see things from all perspectives, it is essential to maintain a balance between rest and activity.

At work, meditation can help you divert your attention from the problem. Focusing on more positive thoughts motivates you to approach issues with a more positive attitude. If you are persistent, you can overcome problems that initially seemed impossible.

Thus meditating during Pomodoro breaks improves personal relationships, work performance, and health.

5. Make a Drawing or Origami

Physical and mental health both benefit from taking a break. Making drawings or origami is a wonderful way to relax and remove one’s mind from a stressful situation.

It relaxes your mind and improves your focus and attention span, making you happier and more productive.

6. Play a Motivational Song

According to research done by trends in cognitive science, listening to motivational songs during break time does better at combating stress and anxiety than anti-anxiety medicines. 

Playing a motivational song during your short break increases your overall happiness regardless of how stressful work you’re doing. Make sure songs have a minimum 5-minute playtime. 

7. Read a Newspaper

When you have a short break, you should try to read a newspaper to gain general knowledge and keep up with the latest world events. It is one of the great ways to relax your mind.

By reading, you can concentrate, give yourself a mental break from work, and experience some amount of time you need. 

8. Organize your Work Desk

Your short break can be made more productive by organizing your work desk. Your desk can be a great reflection of your personality, your job, and how you work overall.

Utilize your short break to make your desk organized. There are some psychological benefits to having a well-organized desk. This include

  • Improves mental well-being.
  • Enhances productivity.
  • Concentration can be improved.
  • Stress reduction.

9. Plan What to do Until the Next Pomodoro Break

Pomodoro breaks help to keep your physical and mental energy levels up so we can do more. You can accomplish your goals with this strategy if you use it appropriately. Thus it would help if you planned what to do until the next Pomodoro break to stay productive. 

10. Go to the Restroom

Restroom breaks are a vital need in our workplace and lifestyle because it helps us do the actions necessary to maintain our health. 

Restroom breaks are beneficial to our emotional and mental health. Having a short bathroom break allows us to relieve ourselves. Taking a quick bathroom break is an excellent way to promote hygienic practices and cleanliness at work.

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Long Pomodoro Breaks

After every four Pomodoro, take a longer 5-30 minutes break. Here are a few long Pomodoro breaks which allow you to maintain a healthy and productive working cycle.

11. Read a Book

The majority of successful people read books during their long breaks. It reduces stress and may improve your cognitive abilities for a while. A good reading habit improves your ability to think and form new ideas.

Pomodoro’s long breaks are ideal for reading because it broadens your mind, improves your written and verbal communication skills, and foster emotional intelligence and understanding. 

There are several reasons why reading a book is beneficial.

  • Enhances brain connectivity.
  • Relieves depression symptoms.
  • Improve your vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Reduce work stress.
  • Give you the ability to connect with others.

12. Go for a Walk

Employees may experience burnout and workplace stress due to excessive workload in a small working environment. 

Going for short walks during long breaks can also help you get some much-needed distance from your work. Physical activity may improve happiness and productivity, boost your mood, increases creativity, and helps you stay focused.

13. Watch Tutorial Videos

You can learn a lot by watching tutorial videos during long breaks. It’s super easy to find tutorial videos online. Within minutes, you should be able to find a video that meets your needs by searching for keywords online.

There are several reasons why watching tutorial videos during office breaks is a productive activity.

  • Reduces cognitive overload and maximizes retention.
  • Enhances learning by simplifying and making it more practical.
  • Refresh your mind.
  • Make your mood brighter by coming up with new ideas.

14. Have a Lunch

Without food, you won’t be able to work. Fueling your mind and body is essential if you are going to have a productive Pomodoro session every day. 

Lunch breaks allow employees to reset their minds and bodies, so they return to their desks with relaxed minds and bodies.

The following are some of the benefits of lunch breaks.

  • Reset focus and relieves stress
  • Create opportunities for socialization
  • Improved concentration and health
  • It will make you happier

 15. Take a Power Nap

You can take a power nap of 20-30 minutes during your long Pomodoro break. You can recharge your body and mind with a power nap, improve your concentration, and sharpen your mind when you return to work.

An afternoon power nap primarily helps you feel refreshed, so you feel more energized throughout the day.

In a Nutshell

Utilizing the Pomodoro break correctly can help you achieve your goals. Pomodoro breaks are designed to fit your schedule and allow you to work on things that are beneficial to your timetable.

Check out our post for 15 productive things to do during Pomodoro breaks. Implementing this strategy allows you to remain productive and keep yourself motivated throughout the day.


  • How long should Pomodoro breaks be?
    The Pomodoro break should be five minutes after each Pomodoro.
  • How long is the break after 4 Pomodoro?
    After completing 4 consecutive Pomodoro, you can take 20-30 minute long breaks.
  • What is the most effective Pomodoro Technique?
    – Make a list of essential tasks that must be completed.
    – Put on a timer for 25 minutes.
    – Focus on your single task and remove all sources of distraction until the timer rings.
    – After completing one Pomodoro, take a short 5-minute break.
    – Repeat this step, and after four Pomodoro enjoy a long 20-30 minute break.
    – You should repeat this process until you have completed all your task.